Loomis Bros. Circus Show Cancelled

In an agreement between Justin Loomis, the owner and operator of Loomis Bros. Circus, and the Highlands County Fair Association, the show was cancelled at approximately 4:45 PM on Thursday, August 9, 2018. This decision was not made lightly. The Highlands County Fair Association received over 8,100 emails in the 48 hours preceding the event, not including several dozen threatening phone calls, letters and other emails from the People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their supporters. It was obvious that they were dissatisfied with the Circus and the fact that we were renting our facility to them for their shows, although the threats made it seem that WE were the ones that would potentially break laws. In NO WAY were any state or local laws broken or city ordinances violated by either Loomis Bros. Circus or the Highlands County Fair Association. As a matter of fact the circus never even arrived on our property. The Highlands County Fair Association was actually prepared to host the event, even amidst the threats.

Some would say it is a sign of the times. Each of us have our own voices to be heard, some are more prominent than others. PETA is a large organization with millions of supporters world-wide. There is no way that a small, non-profit organization made up of only a few dozen volunteers would even stand a chance against an organization of that size. Sometimes you have to pick an choose your battles. For us, we chose to support our client in their decision to cancel the event.

Our apologies to those that were looking forward to this event. For those that have pre-purchased tickets, please contact Loomis Bros. through their website at https://www.loomiscircus.com.